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Monthly Mega Package #1

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That's 51 Products To Help You
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Here Is A Brief Description Of The Products Contained In The
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This 1st Package Is Currently SELLING FOR MORE Than
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Get 85 Exclusive Niche Sites Plus 50 Other Products Now
For Less Than You Would Spend For 85 Exclusive Niche Sites Alone!
85 Exclusive
Niche Sites

YOU Can Now Compete with The Big Boys of Niche Site Marketing Using The Exact Tools & Resources Used to Build Their Virtual Real Estate Empires!

Five figure Adsense earners reveal the tools and resources they use to earn a Six Figure Income year after year with Contextual Advertising and Google Adsense!

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Templates V4

Professionally Designed One-Time-Offer Templates Can Make Or Break Your Backend Sales...

Don't Leave Your Backend Sales To Chance. Here Is A Brand New Set Of One-Time-Offer Templates That Will Demand Your Viewer's Attention!

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Site Comments Pro

Finally, an easy way to have your visitors return to your websites over and over again...

"Discover How You Can Make All Your
Websites Interactive, Attract Tons
Of Free Search Engine Traffic &
Start Building A Huge *Laser
Targeted* Email List... Instantly!"

Finally A Hands Free Way To Let Your
Websites Grow Everyday With Unique,
Search Engine Friendly Content!

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Dynamic Content Organizer V1.2

Discover how to effortlessly earn massive
membership site riches without ever
having to write or create new content!

The laziest and most productive way to
manage your business. Completely hands
off, totally automated, and very profitable
(You know what they say, work smart, not hard).

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Firesale Manager V1.2.1

Get your hands on the same software
for over $200,000 worth
of Firesale profit
in under 12 months!

Keep reading, even if you don't know what
a firesale is or have never run one before.
I'm about to reveal to you one of the
fastest ways to get a massive income boost
in an unheard of short space of time!

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You've Got Cash

If you've been looking for a fresh,
informative, high quality private label
rights product...your search ends here and now!

Tap Into A Goldmine Of Profits With This
Cutting Edge, Brand New, NEVER BEFORE
Label Rights Product
And Call it Your Very Own!

You've Got Cash offers you a quick glance and
overview of some of the most common threats
to your PC such as adware, spyware, viruses,
hackers, and more - and how you can worm your
way for solutions and prevention measures!

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Buttons For Clicks
Graphics Package

Brand new, eye-catching
and animated graphics
for your websites and sales pages!

Everyone knows that the better
your webpage graphics look, the
more of your products you will sell.

In addition to being easy to copy and paste the
JPG versions of these HOT New Graphics into your
webpages, you also get the PSD versions of the
graphics so that you can edit them, any way you
wish, to make them uniquely YOURS!

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Cashing in on Craigslist

I decided that I wanted to earn some extra income online. I had no money to start with. Not long after that...

"I Personally Discovered an Unbelievably Quick and Easy Way to Give Myself a Big Fat Pay Raise, Without Leaving My Home or Risking One Penny of my Hard-Earned Money..."

For Both The Restless and Frustrated Internet
Entrepreneurs Out There (That's YOU, alright!)

Finally, There Is A Detailed, Step-By-Step Plan
That You Can Blindly Follow And Copy that
Guarantees Huge Income...for FREE.

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Sales Trigger Generator

This Hot Software Is Very
New And Selling On Many
Web Sites For As Much As
$147 For MRR!

"Use This Powerful New
To Force Your
Visitors To Buy Your
Products, Spend More
, And Keep Them
Coming Back For More!"

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Resell Rights Bootcamp

Prepare For A Full Scale Invasion On
Resell Rights Profitability...

"You're About To Launch A Resell Rights
Attack So Deadly
That Your Visitors Will
Instantly Throw Up Their White Flag And
Surrender To Your Will, Buying Anything
You Want Them To And Stuffing Your
Pockets Full Of Cash On Command..."

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Cash for Content

"Claim Your Share Of the Profits &
Immediately Discover How You Can
Make Massive Amounts of Cash, Daily!"

A Solid Step By Step System You Can Use In The Next 60 Minutes To Start Generating REAL Online Income!

What You'll Learn:

  • Discover Exactly How to Create Content That Pays You!

  • Make Cash On Demand Any Day Of The Week!

  • Leverage Your Content to Build a Real Online Business, In The Fastest Time Possible!

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Intelligent 404

You're LOSING Money Each And
Every Time One Of Your Website
Viewers Gets A 404 Error!

"Now you can quickly and easily put
a stop to all those page cannot be
displayed messages and put more
MONEY into your bank account!"

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ScreenSaver Maker Pro

Why Pay A Programmer To
Make ScreenSavers For You?

Build Your Own ScreenSavers Using
Photos, Logos, Captions, and Music!

Use Them To Build Your Opt-In
List, or Sell Your Services To Others!

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PANIC One-Time-Offer

Make Your Customers Decide On The Spot
& Instantly Boost Your Sales
By 300% Or More!

PANIC OTO is a simple tool that allows you
to create a TIME LIMITED offer that will
be displayed ONLY ONCE to each visitor.

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eProduct Vault

Protect Your Digital Files
From Cyber Thieves

e-Product allows you to secure your digital download's from cyber thieves!

This script also handles the entire
order process from start to finish.

Thus, a foolproof system for your honest
paying customers to easily download your
digital products they purchase from you -
no hassle, no problems, nothing! This is
a great script that is your all in one
solution for a digital product shopping
cart and download distribution system.

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Favicons Made EZ

Discover A Little Known Technique that
"Tricks" Browsers Like Explorer, Firefox,
Safari, Netscape, And Others To Favor Your
DESPITE Your Search Engine Ranking!

The branding I'm talking about is your
own personal Icon called a Favicon!

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Firesale Bandit

Imagine Having The Exact SAME Software
That Single-Handedly Brought In A Six
Figure Income
For One Online Marketer...
After running ONLY TWO Firesales!

Fire sale Bandit will influence, persuade
and captivate your visitors in such a way
that they buy your products without blinking...
or thinking twice about it.

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Audio Affiliate Postcard Generator
Video Affiliate Postcard Generator

Two Solutions To Say Thanks To Your Customers. Friends Or Family Via Audio/Video...

"Announcing A Little-Known Revolutionary
Secret That Will Allow You To Finally
Earn Hugh Affiliate Commissions With
Audio-Video Postcards!"

"In a minute, I'll tell you how you can..."

  • Create as many HTML Audio-Video postcards as you want

  • Insert and HIDE Your Affiliate Links!

  • Add video to your Online postcards

  • Add audio to your Email and Online postcards

  • Insert Your website URL

  • Insert Your picture

  • Upload the postcards to Your website

  • In less than 5 minutes, You can send out Audio - Video Affiliate digital postcards to Your customers/friends/family.!

  • NO HTML knowledge needed

  • Everything is done by filling in the blanks and a click of a button!

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Blogging On Steroids

"Throw Away All That Junk
Load You Got About Doing A
Living Online And Start
Making Real CA$H
Blogging On Steroids TODAY!"

Simple Tactics, Plain English,
No BS Material Right In Front Of
Your Eyeballs, Ready To Be Served
To YOUR Most Serene Highness!

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Buying Websites On eBay

"STOP! Do Not Bid on Another Website on eBay
Until You Have Read This Guide! Ensure You
Buy a Money Maker & Avoid Getting Ripped Off!"

Buying Websites on eBay will help you tell the difference
between the good, money making opportunities and the
overpriced rubbish which is littering the business
categories more and more each day.

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List Building Fire Power

"Find Out 100 Ways To Ignite 
Your Opt-In Subscribers!"

It's Like Having 100 Rounds Of List
Building Ammunition To Use At Your Disposal!

These list building techniques are perfect
for Internet marketers, direct marketers,
niche marketers, affiliate marketers,
copywriters, auction sellers, entrepreneurs,
home business owners, info publishers
and sellers, webmasters, etc.

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Resell Rights Renegade

"Uncover 101 Ways To Boost 
Your Product License Sales!"

It's Like Having 101 Credit Cards With 
No Limits That You Don't Have To Pay Back!

You really can't afford to miss a single one of
these resell rights marketing strategies. Imagine,
you could be just one strategy away from retirement!
So, take your pick! How would it feel to miss one
strategy that could have made you a small fortune?

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Quick & Easy Web Templates

Looking forward to designing your very own web templates the quick & easy way?

"How To Design YOUR Very Own Professional Web Templates & Designs Under 60 Minutes - NO Previous Experience Needed!"

Build CSS And XHTML 1.0 Compliant Sites, Design Awesome-Looking Banners, Create DIV And CSS Based Layouts... All These Under 60 Minutes!

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Killer Web Copy 3 Volume Set

You are only one sales letter away from wealth!

"Discover How Even An Average Joe Can Crank
Up Profit-Pulling Sales Copies ON THE FLY
& Turn Each Product Into Smoking Hot Sellers
In The FASTEST Time Possible!"

Don't Fancy Spending Another Few More Years
In College Just To Find Out How To Write A
Stupid Piece Of Letter?

Read On To Discover How YOU Can Crank Out
Your Very Own Selling Masterpiece In The
Shortest Time Imaginable... And Stuff
More Money Into Your Wallet!

3 Volume Set Includes:

  • Killer Web Copy Exposed

  • How to Write a High Converting Web Copy

  • Maximizing Your Web Copy Conversion Rates

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Big Fat Get My File
Download Script

The Easy Way To Disguise
Your Download Links!

If you sell ebooks on eBay and
EMAIL download links to your
customers or have download links
on your website, then this simple
little PHP script is for you!

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How To Milk The eBay Cash Cow

Who Else Wants To Learn And Copy My
- How I Milked The eBay Cash Cow!

Inside I have revealed my secret story to success on eBay, where you can easily follow all the steps needed from getting started, right up to the point of knowing your figures to becoming a successful eBay Power seller.

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Social Marketing Secrets

The New Way To Bring Loads Of
Targeted Traffic To Any Site And
Generate A TON Of On-Demand Cash Flow!

If you've never heard the terms 'Web 2.0' and 'Social Networking' then you have either been living in a cave for the past six months, or you are brand new to Internet marketing. The good news is whether you are familiar with these terms or not you can begin today (as in right now!) to break into the future of profitable Internet marketing and jump three steps ahead of your competition!

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Color Attracts

"Do You Want to Know the Secret
to Making a Small Change to
Your Site with Color Which Will
Increase Your Sales Possibly by
Hundreds or Thousands of Dollars?"

You know that words sell...but remember
those times when you went to a site with
twenty colors on it and you didn't even
stick around to read the content?

Choosing the right color will instantly
keep your customers on your page and
for longer periods of time…
a guarantee you’ll make more money!

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1-2-3 DimeSale

Do the words "script" and "install" make the hairs rise on the back of your neck, but you want to run one of those HOT dimesales yourself?

Now you can!

Send Customers Into A Buying Frenzy...Without The Burden Of Having To Install A Complicated Script!

1-2-3 Dimesale is a simple tool that will change the way you do business online. It allows you to run your very own dimesale without having to install some sort of complicated script.

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Website Fire System

If You've Been Struggling To Create The Content Rich Websites You Need to Succeed In Today’s Ultra-Competitive Internet Marketing, This Will Be The Most Important Letter You Read Today!

Imagine a software program that allows you to easily create and manage websites as well as populate those sites either with your own content or with high-quality, keyword-rich content that the program itself creates.

Now stop imagining, because the program of your dreams exists!

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Gift Store Generator
Software Program

Discover How to Quickly & Easily
Open an Online Gift Store & Send
Your Internet Profits Skyrocketing!

Opening Your Own Gift Store Online is a
Great Way to Boost Your Internet Income
Without Interfering With Your Commitment
to Your Other Business Ventures!

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FriendlyTube Software
(Sourcecode, Reseller Files, and PLR)

Add New Friends And Comments To
Your YouTube™ Account On Autopilot!

Get More Views of Your Videos, More TARGETED Traffic To Your Website, More Subscribers to Your Opt-In Page, and More Sales 24 Hours a Day!


FriendlyTube - The Easiest Way To Grow Your Friend List on the Internet's Most Popular Video Site. You Can Also Use FriendlyTube to Send Messages To ALL of Your YouTube Friends On Autopilot!

Niche Blog
Affiliate Profits System

"Now You Can Finally Learn The Truth And Time-Tested Secrets Behind Niche Blogging That Takes Ordinary People And Turns Them Into Masterful Niche Bloggers...And How You Can Literally Copy The Same Exact Easy-To-Follow System That Is Allowing Others To Earn Thousands Per Year Blogging Affiliate Programs Part-Time!"

Click Here To Read More!

URL Clamp Software

Discover How to Shrink Long URLs
& Hide Your Affiliate Links...
Right From Your Desktop!

If you have ever wished that you could quickly shorten the long URLs you normally send to friends and customers, or if you have ever wanted to hide your affiliate links from newsletter, forum and ezine readers, then this is definitely the most exciting message you will read today!

I’m about to reveal an amazing new software program that will allow you to shrink URLs and cloak affiliate links – all with a simple click of your mouse!

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IM Power Buttons
Plus Package

Your "Buy Button" is Your
Last Chance to Get Your Customer to
Hand Over the Cash

Don't Let Them Off The Hook
With Wimpy "Buy Buttons"!

Grab 4 Great Sets Of
POWER Buy Buttons - Buttons
That Sell...PLUS More!

Click Here To Read More!

Email Writing Secrets

Are You Getting The Results You Deserve
From Your Email Marketing Campaigns?

"I'm About To Finally Pull Back The Curtains On How YOU, Or Anyone, Can Chalk Out Your Very Own Profit Sucking Promo Emails That Moves Your Readers To Buy At Will!" Writing Promotional Emails Is One Of The BEST Skills You Can Ever Master In Today's Competitive Market... And You Will Do Well To Read This Letter URGENTLY Because In Just A Few Minutes, You Will Learn How You Can Turn Your Pen Or Keyboard Into A Wealth-Generating Weapon!

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Internet Marketing Tool Kit

Are You Tired Of Watching From The Side-lines While Everyone Else Is Making Money Because You Don't Know Exactly How The PROs do it?

Discover How A 34-year old
Computer Geek Went From A
Program-hopping "biz-opp junkie"
To Earning A Full-time Income
Online In Less Than 60 Days!

I know what's keeping you from the success you deserve...and I can fix that EASY for you today!

There are a few basic, fundamental things you MUST do to succeed with an online business. You may not want to hear this, but... some basic computer & internet skills are required to do all the things that will earn you an income online. I did technical support for over 8 years so I've the unique ability to teach you how simply & quickly... Your HELP has arrived!

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Happy Subscribers Are More Likely To Buy...

Automate Your Giveaway Process!

No Autoresponder Account Needed!

The Give-A-Tron will allow you to easily
build more responsive list and keep your
current subscribers happy by offering
them something free in exchange for
visiting your site, blog, etc.

With The Give-A-Tron all you have to do
is simply edit a few thing's that
pertains to the product your giving away
and upload a file and your ready to go.

Click Here To Read More!

Forum & Blog Spy

Secretly Stay On Top Of What
They're Saying About You, Your
Company, Your Products And Your
Services On Online Forums And
Blogs Without Even Visiting Them

Forum & Blog Monitoring Spy Software is a powerful
desktop software application that enables you to
secretly stay on top of what people are saying
about you, your company, your products and your
services on any online forums and blogs without
even visiting them!

Click Here To Read More!

PLR Biz In A Box

"Discover How To Stop Paying Monthly Fees
And Outrageous One Time Prices For The
Valuable Content You Need To Create Your
Own Products, Adsense Sites, Affiliate Sites,
and Many Other Profit Sources!"

Private label content is hot, and if you use it
correctly, you can make insane amounts of money!
I want to share a few profitable ideas with you
on how to use private label content and tell you
how you can save a ton of money on PLR content.

Click Here To Read More!

Turbo Affiliate Link Generator

Find out how to add 4 Commission boosting tools to any affiliate link in seconds...and grab an un-fair advantage over other affiliates!

Features Include:

  • You can add an un-blockable popup to any affiliate link.

  • You can add audio to any affiliate link.

  • You can add proactive live chat to any affiliate link.

  • You can add a completely un-blockable exit screen to your affiliate links.

Click Here To Read More!

Note Pops

Are You Ready To Really Boost The Conversion Rate Of Your Direct Sales Website And Drive Sales Through The Roof?

Note Pops Software Is Different Than Any Of The So Called Pop Up Generators And Has A Built In Proof Display That Shows You That It's Increasing Your Response! This Is Stronger Than "Rock Solid" Proof!

Note Pops Is A Proprietary Technology That Bypasses Pop Up Blockers And Get's The Attention Of Every Visitor The Second They Get To Your Site!

Click Here To Read More!

Ribbon Ad Generator

"Grab Your Visitors Attention, Explode Your Profits, And Practically Force Your Prospects To See Your Message With The Latest Eye Grabbing "Ribbon Ad" Technology...

Shown To Increase Click-Through Rates By Up To 817% Over Conventional Banner Ads"

Click Here To Read More!

Video Squeeze/NewsLetter Templates

This Is A Unique Collection Of
20 Video Squeeze/NewsLetter

Each Video/Squeeze Template Is
Professionally Designed, Sliced,
Formatted, Optimized, And Ready
To Be Added To Your Sales Letter
In Minutes!"

Click Here To Read More!

Graphical Opt-in Template Pack V2

"Discover These Clever Little Sales Magnets (that until now) ONLY The "Bigshots" Could Afford To Use To Explode Their Profits Like Magic!"

If you've been looking for a clever, yet professional way to hypnotize your customers and have them coming back to buy again and again...this is the opportunity you've been waiting for!

Click Here To Read More!

$7 Template Editing Package

Camtasia Studio Videos That Step You
Through Editing Your $7 Secret Templates!

If You Feel A Bit Confused About Editing
Your $7 Template Pages You'll appreciate
these videos that show you how!

Click Here To Read More!


"Get This Never Before Offered "Special Edition" NOW At A Heavily Discounted Price..." 

This package will eventually sell on this site for $29.95, but for a limited time it is being offered at the introductory price of $14.95!

Don't miss this opportunity to save an additional 50%!


Instantly OWN the

To The
Monthly Mega Package #1

for only...



Here's A Complete Package Summary!


The Following Items Come With MRR and/or PLR
(Note: Graphical Optin Template Pack Volume 2 Bonus is for Personal Use)
$7 Template Editing Package (Click Here To Read More) $27.00
85 Exclusive Niche Sites (Click Here To Read More) $151.00
1-2-3 DimeSale (Click Here To Read More) $29.95
Audio Affiliate Postcard Generator (Click Here To Read More) $37.00
Big Fat Get My File Download Script (Click Here To Read More!) $67.00
Blogging on Steroids (Click Here To Read More) $97.00
Buttons For Clicks Graphics Pack (Click Here To Read More) $27.00
Buying Websites on eBay (Click Here To Read More)


Cash for Content (Click Here To Read More)


Cashing in on Craigslist (Click Here To Read More) $27.00
Color Attracts (Click Here To Read More) $24.95
Dynamic Content Organizer - V1.2 (Click Here To Read More) $147.00
Email Writing Secrets (Click Here To Read More) $47.00
eProduct Vault (Click Here To Read More) $47.00
Favicons Made EZ (Click Here To Read More) $17.00
Firesale Bandit (Click Here To Read More) $17.00
Firesale Manager - FireSoft v1.2.1 (Click Here To Read More) $147.00
Forum & Blog Spy (Click Here To Read More!) $47.00
FriendlyTube Software $97.00
Gift Store Generator (Click Here To Read More) $47.00
Give-A-Tron (Click Here To Read More) $47.00
Graphical Opt-in Template Pack Volume 2 (Personal Use Bonus) (Click Here To Read More) $97.00
How To Milk The eBay Cash Cow (Click Here To Read More)


How to Write a High Converting Web Copy (Click Here To Read More) $12.50
IM Power Buttons Plus Package (Click Here To Read More) $25.00
Intelligent 404 (Click Here To Read More) $37.00
Internet Marketing Tool Kit (Click Here To Read More) $97.00
Killer Web Copy Exposed (Click Here To Read More) $12.50
List Building Fire Power (Click Here To Read More) $9.95
Maximizing Your Web Copy Conversion Rates (Click Here To Read More) $12.50
Niche Blog Affiliate Profits System (Click Here To Read More) $97.00
Note Pops (Click Here To Read More) $297.00
One-Time-Offer Templates V4 Pak (Click Here To Read More) $50.00
PANIC One-Time-Offer (Click Here To Read More!) $29.95
PLR Biz In A Box (Click Here To Read More) $47.00
Quick & Easy Web Templates (Click Here To Read More) $197.00
Resell Rights Bootcamp (Click Here To Read More) $5,794.00
Resell Rights Renegade (Click Here To Read More) $9.95
Ribbon Ad Generator (Click Here To Read More) $27.00
Sales Trigger Generator (Click Here To Read More) $147.00
ScreenSaver Maker Pro (Click Here To Read More) $147.00
Site Comments Pro (Click Here To Read More) $37.00
Social Marketing Secrets (Click Here To Read More) $37.00
Video Affiliate Postcard Generator (Click Here To Read More) $37.00
Video Squeeze/NewsLetter Templates (Click Here To Read More) $29.97
Website Fire System (Click Here To Read More) $197.00
Turbo Affiliate Link Generator (Click Here To Read More) $197.00
URL Clamp Software Program (Click Here To Read More) $47.00
You've Got Cash (Click Here To Read More) $47.00
Total Value Of Package $9,491.21
Total Value = $9,491.21

Regular Price = $29.95

Special Price = $14.95

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